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GW Steffens GmbH offers blades for many systems including Securit®, Delta, PBS, and others. GW Steffens GmbH bowl chopper blades are available for most well-known models and blade sizes
GW Steffens GmbH bowl chopper blades are manufactured exclusively with "M92" steel developed by GW Steffens GmbH, to provide greater resistance to corrosion and improved cutting performance.
  • Bowl chopper blades available for a wide variety of cutting systems including Securit®, Delta, PBS and others.
  • Bowl chopper blades available for all popular manufacturers such as Seydelmann, GEA/CFS, K&G, Kilia, Laska, Hoegger-Alpina, Rex-D√ľker, Stephan and others.
  • Precise manufacturing for highest quality.
  • Manufactured from M92® steel.
  • Super-Finishing Sufi® for a brilliant surface.
  • Special custom-made products available by request.

Securit® system style adapting hardware allows you to assemble from 3 to 10 blades on a single shaft for faster, more efficient cutting and change over .
3 knife head cutter
3 knife head
4 knife head cutter
4 knife head
6 knife head cutter
6 knife head
8 knife head cutter8 knife head

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